Joni for Iowa Announces First 1,000 County Chairs Across Iowa

Today, Joni for Iowa is announcing the first 1,000 County Chairs. These dedicated leaders come from all 99 counties and
have already launched into organizing activities, building a robust grassroots operation across the state.

“The excitement, energy and enthusiasm continues to grow as we build our grassroots army focused on standing up for Iowa
and pushing back on the coastal liberal insanity,” said Joni Ernst. “I’m honored to stand shoulder to shoulder with this
team and will continue to fight as Iowa’s tireless defender, to ensure we stay the course toward a brighter future with
opportunity for all.”

Iowans across all 99 counties are fired up to reelect Joni Ernst: 

“Growing up on an Iowa farm, Joni represents the voice of our ag community. She always boldly stands up for the
needs of farmers and works tirelessly to ensure our voices are heard in Washington, particularly among those from
urban areas that aren’t as familiar with our way of life. Working directly with President Trump, Joni Ernst has been a
relentless fighter for Iowa farmers and rural America.” 
– Ray Gaesser, Past President of Iowa Soybean
Association, Owner of Gaesser Farm, Adams County Chair

“As a veteran myself, it’s important to me that our Senator understand the importance of service. Joni Ernst, a
combat veteran, has given her life to serving others. She’s a refreshing voice that ensures our men and women in
uniform and veterans have access to the resources needed. She looks out for Iowans and I’m so proud of the way in
which she works to deliver solutions so that our nation is safe and secure and our veterans are taken care of.”

– Colonel (Ret.) Harold Johnson, Vietnam Veteran, Wapello County Chair

“Amid all the divisiveness in Washington, Joni has been a voice for Iowans that gets things done. Combining ‘Iowa
Nice’ with fearless grit, Iowans know we have a strong voice fighting for us.  From student debt to paid family leave
to strengthening the economy so that folks can find work, Joni stands up for Iowans’ future and makes Washington
insiders listen.”
 – Jacob Minock, student at Iowa State University, Story County Chair

“Whether it’s paid family leave, increasing access to child care, or affordable, quality health care, Joni is
fighting for Iowa families. As the first woman elected to federal office in Iowa and the first female combat veteran
to serve in the Senate, Joni Ernst is paving the way for girls in Iowa and showing young women across the country what
strong female leadership looks like.”
– Gloria Mazza, President of Iowa Federation of Republican Women, Polk
County Chair

“As a small business owner, hard work and a balanced budget are critical. We expect the same from Congress. I don’t
head home before the work is done and Joni has the same mentality. Joni promised to Make ‘Em Squeal and that’s exactly
what she has done by holding Washington insiders accountable and cutting reckless spending.”
 – Matt Giese,
Co-owner of Giese Manufacturing, Dubuque County Chair

Check out all 1,000 County Chairs:

First Name Last Name County
Clel Baulder Adair
Ryan Frederick Adair
John Schildberg Adair
Cidy Schildberg Adair
Jeff Vandewater Adair
Clinton Allen Adams
Gary Boswell Adams
Elaine Gaesser Adams
Ray Gaesser Adams
Joyce James Adams
Tom Shipley Adams
Bill Shipley Adams
Roger Sorensen Adams
Sharon Sorensen Adams
Rex Townsend Adams
Elanore Emmerson Allamakee
Dan Emmerson Allamakee
Jacqueline Everett Allamakee
Neil Everett Allamakee
Bob Hager Allamakee
Kristi Hager Allamakee
Shirley Marti Allamakee
Harold Marti Allamakee
Harriet Sharp Allamakee
Doug Sharp Allamakee
Larry Shellhammer Allamakee
Lyle Brinegar Appanoose
Richard Turnquist Appanoose
Jeff Bauer Audubon
Duane Deight Audubon
Dave Erickson Audubon
Heath Hansen Audubon
Sue Huegh Audubon
Leigh Nelson Audubon
Chris Nelson Audubon
Stephanie Poldberg Audubon
Mike Rudy Audubon
Peggy Toft Audubon
Tim Busch Benton
Jerry Kennon Benton
Scott Adkins Black Hawk
Chelle Adkins Black Hawk
Carol Allard Black Hawk
Kermit Allard Black Hawk
Justin Bahr Black Hawk
Dale Hatinger Black Hawk
Barbara Hatinger Black Hawk
Anita Keve Black Hawk
John Koch Black Hawk
Todd Obadal Black Hawk
Lea Ann Saul Black Hawk
Ron Wheeler Black Hawk
Rita Davenport Boone
Rick Gustafson Boone
Donna Heslop Boone
Sarah Litwiller Boone
David Mcdaniel Boone
Randy Mitchell Boone
Ellen Nystrom Boone
Gary Nystrom Boone
Scott Poter Boone
Todd Rasmussen Boone
Amy Rasmussen Boone
Kay Rice Boone
Robert Waldman Boone
Ellen Waldman Boone
Maribeth Waldman Boone
Eileen Westrum Boone
Barb Wittrock Boone
Marv Wittrock Boone
Collean Alexander Bremer
Mary Jo Bagelmann Bremer
Darla Hildebrandt Bremer
Brian Meyer Bremer
Brenda Meyer Bremer
Isaac Richmond Bremer
Marge Richmond Bremer
Gary Walke Bremer
Aaron Cook Buchanan
Trish Cook Buchanan
Robert Hocken Buchanan
Ken Kehrli Buchanan
Clayton Ohrt Buchanan
Richard Wearmouth Buchanan
Randy Erickson Buena Vista
Donald Jansen Buena Vista
Matt Meiners Buena Vista
Dennis Weber Buena Vista
Steve Williams Buena Vista
Janet Anderson Butler
Tyler Bixby Butler
Gerald Hobson Butler
Dale Huberg Butler
Jason Johnson Butler
Brenda Muth Butler
Dave Muth Butler
Robin Batz Calhoun
Brad Bleam Calhoun
Pam Bleam Calhoun
Elaine Bleam Calhoun
Bill Horan Calhoun
Kevin Schreier Calhoun
John Junkman Calhoun
Jean Ludwig Carroll
Ken Pingrey Carroll
John Vanhorn Carroll
Craig Williams Carroll
Charlie Bechtold Cass
Alexis Ward Cass
David Wiederstein Cass
Velma Huebner Cedar
Al Kroeger Cedar
Janis Sauer Cedar
Meranda Thimmes Cedar
Alecia Balduf Cerro Gordo
Chad Blanchard Cerro Gordo
Roger Engebretson Cerro Gordo
Linda Engebretson Cerro Gordo
Jim Hermanson Cerro Gordo
Mary Hermanson Cerro Gordo
Barb Hovland Cerro Gordo
Tim Latham Cerro Gordo
Gina Lovejoy Cerro Gordo
Mary Ellen Nelson Cerro Gordo
Terry Reams Cerro Gordo
Kimberly Reams Cerro Gordo
Hunter Seidel Cerro Gordo
Chris Watts Cerro Gordo
Lisa Yanek Cerro Gordo
Angie Creel Cherokee
James Creel Cherokee
Ramona Nitz Cherokee
Tom Oswald Cherokee
Leroy Schoon Cherokee
Pam Schuver Cherokee
Tom Crowman Chickasaw
Timothy Deeny Chickasaw
Jacob Hackman Chickasaw
Charlie Harrington Chickasaw
Susan Harrington Chickasaw
Denny Litterer Chickasaw
Scott McGregor Chickasaw
Traci McGregor Chickasaw
Glen McMichael Chickasaw
Nathan Gibson Clarke
Natalie Gibson Clarke
Meredith Gibson Clarke
Laura Gibson Clarke
Jim Kelly Clarke
Mary Ellen Kimball Clarke
James Kimball Clarke
Helen Kimes Clarke
Gary Kimes Clarke
Dale Mastarone Clarke
Dale Mastrarone Clarke
Malane McLin Clarke
Ray Negley Clarke
Rick Oshel Clarke
Best Oshel Clarke
Jack Vanderflught Clarke
Kevin Brown Clay
Brian Dvorak Clay
Deb Dvorak Clay
Lisa Hess Clay
Jamie Hess Clay
Will Jones Clay
Charity Mueggenberg Clay
John Vander Haag Clay
Ruth Vander Haag Clay
Steve Waller Clay
Sue Meyer Clayton
Bill Reimer Clayton
Joshua Werges Clayton
Linda Zuercher Clayton
Ralph Binnie Clinton
Dennis Campbell Clinton
Kristin Campbell Clinton
Julia Campbell Clinton
Claire Campbell Clinton
Jax Campbell Clinton
Lee Cartwright Clinton
Diane Cassaday Clinton
Jacob Crow Clinton
Denise Mommsen Clinton
Mark Reiland Clinton
Dan Smicker Clinton
Sheryl Souhrada Clinton
Sandra Bras Crawford
Ardie Buller Crawford
Jerry Buller Crawford
Gwen Ecklund Crawford
Arlan Ecklund Crawford
Troy Groth Crawford
Jim Hugg Crawford
Patty Lally Crawford
Lee Nenalime Crawford
Natalie Rosburg Crawford
Ty Rosburg Crawford
Eileen Sailer Crawford
Maura Sailer Crawford
Steve Bras Crawford
Chad Airhart Dallas
Sarah Bowman Dallas
David Bowman Dallas
Patti Brown Dallas
Kate Collins Dallas
Phil Condo Dallas
Tyler DeHaan Dallas
Carter Forrest Dallas
Jeremy Freeman Dallas
Ben Garza Dallas
Mark Hanson Dallas
Frank Hayer Dallas
Nancy Hayer Dallas
James Keller Dallas
Paul Knupp Dallas
Kelley Koch Dallas
Jon McAvoy Dallas
Jack Nelson Dallas
Carter Nordman Dallas
Phil Patterson Dallas
Shelley Pitts Dallas
Gary Pitts Dallas
Justin Rolfess Dallas
Flora Schmidt Dallas
Emily Schwickerath Dallas
John Strathman Dallas
Susanna Wendler Dallas
Doug Wood Dallas
Crystal Brown Davis
Steven Barney Decatur
Jocelyn Barney Decatur
Bob Bixby Decatur
Charles Coffey Decatur
Jerri Eakes Decatur
Jade Lecy Decatur
Jerri Murphy Decatur
Larry Opfer Decatur
Anita Opfer Decatur
Lynn Vogel Decatur
Clifford Bunting Delaware
Jeff Madlom Delaware
Doug Robins Delaware
Terry Davis Des Moines
Brandon Ellis Des Moines
Richard Goughnour Des Moines
B.J. Jahn Des Moines
Jim Blum Dickinson
Janis Bowles Dickinson
Barbara Clayton Dickinson
Alen Ditsworth Dickinson
Vergene Donovan Dickinson
Roger Jones Dickinson
Mike May Dickinson
Norm Meinking Dickinson
Paul Netsah Dickinson
Diane Netsah Dickinson
Butch Parks Dickinson
Debbie Parks Dickinson
Dave Rowley Dickinson
Kris Rowley Dickinson
Herb Stewart Dickinson
Jeff Thee Dickinson
Emily Thompson Dickinson
Doug Wagner Dickinson
Lisa Wagner Dickinson
Larry Wajda Dickinson
Danna Wermersen Dickinson
Kim Wermersen Dickinson
Cami Wills Dickinson
Dee Baloun Dickinson
Greg Baloun Dickinson
Peggy Jones Dickinson
Cathy Thee Dickinson
Dori Tibben Dickinson
Gale Tibben Dickinson
Carey Wilkens Dickinson
Becky Conlon Dubuque
Jean Davidsaver Dubuque
Ron Herrig Dubuque
Charles Klapatauskac Dubuque
John Klauer Dubuque
Travis Klinefelter Dubuque
Paul Kurt Dubuque
Dave Larson Dubuque
Ralph Linden Dubuque
Alexis Lundgren Dubuque
Jennifer Smith Dubuque
Vicky Topping Dubuque
Kayley Weiland Dubuque
Rebecca Boyer Emmet
Kim Hageman Emmet
John Skrepak Emmet
Clarence Bock Fayette
Tim Burrack Fayette
David Hanson Fayette
Reed Newstrom Fayette
Kimberly Pont Fayette
Julius Bryant Floyd
Shelley Harrington Floyd
Lious Harrington Floyd
Barbara McGregor Floyd
David McGregor Floyd
Jennifer Miller Floyd
Paul Miller Floyd
Charley Thomson Floyd
Tom Crane Franklin
Shannon Latham Franklin
Jay VanWert Franklin
Kennedy Wohlford Franklin
Karen Zander Franklin
Bob Benton Fremont
Freddie Krewson Fremont
Pat Sheldon Fremont
David Trowbridge Fremont
Haley Hall Greene
Roger Olhausen Greene
Sean Sebourn Greene
Brian Andersen Grundy
Mark Buskhol Grundy
Tom Shafer Grundy
Myrna Beeber Guthrie
Becky Cornelius Guthrie
Diane Cornelius Guthrie
Everett Grasty Guthrie
Carla Grasty Guthrie
Paul Hawkins Guthrie
Dodie Korradi Guthrie
Ron Vice Guthrie
Linda Conaway Hamilton
Becky Kepler Hamilton
Rick Young Hamilton
Tom Duregger Hancock
Gerald Edgar Hancock
Virginia Edgar Hancock
Ed Greiman Hancock
Diane Johnson Hancock
Marv Johnson Hancock
Marilyn Leerar Hancock
Paul Smith Hancock
Marlene Smith Hancock
Mike Stevens Hancock
Deb Stevens Hancock
John Wacker Hancock
June Elizabeth Wheeldon Hancock
Caleb Bartling Hardin
Justin Bartling Hardin
Kevin Butt Hardin
Nick Eller Hardin
April Eller Hardin
Jacob Handsaker Hardin
Mindy Handsaker Hardin
Jerry Kadner Hardin
Eric Peterson Hardin
Sue Rabe Hardin
Larry Sailer Hardin
Heather Schnitker Hardin
Joe Sweeney Hardin
Renea Anderson Harrison
Wayne Bahr Harrison
Rozanne King Harrison
Jim O’neil Harrison
Chuck Petterson Harrison
Jay Randall Harrison
Nancy Amos Henry
John Freeland Henry
John Roederer Henry
Kevin Schoeberl Howard
Robert Douglas Humboldt
Joy Kirchoff Humboldt
Peggy Rice Humboldt
Kimberley Santilli Humboldt
Dean Fick Ida
Peggy Fick Ida
Morris Hand Ida
Lori Leonard Reyman Ida
Bob Paulsrud Ida
Teresa Paulsrud Ida
Rachel Raak Law Ida
Donna Robinson Iowa
Darlene Block Jackson
Terry Creegan Jackson
Janelle Lutgen Jackson
Jack Maples Jasper
Bill Maschmeier Jasper
Teresa McCall Jasper
Olin Meinders Jasper
Hannah Miller Jasper
Ben Miller Jasper
Thad Nearmyer Jasper
Joseph Scalabrini Jasper
Patricia Scalabrini Jasper
Aaron Scalabrini Jasper
Georgia Tauchas Jasper
Ben Gare Jefferson
Robert Greco Jefferson
Harold Adams Johnson
Leah Adams Johnson
Alex Byrnes Johnson
Carol Ann Christiansen Johnson
Kathy Deupree Johnson
Judy Eckman Johnson
Karen Fesler Johnson
Elsie Foerstner Johnson
Tim Gomendoza Johnson
Cathy Grawe Johnson
Jordan Gringer Johnson
Zach Hartzler Johnson
Ian Hollinger Johnson
Gwen Jones Johnson
Earl Lanphere Johnson
Don Mccallister Johnson
Cynthia Michel Johnson
August Mote Johnson
Wiliam Rindy Johnson
Deanna Rindy Johnson
Cindy Davies Jones
Daniel Stadtmueller Jones
Diana Stadtmueller Jones
Duane Wenndt Jones
Tom Grove Keokuk
Tanya Webster Keokuk
Larry Johannesen Kossuth
Jane Johannesen Kossuth
Kathy Keller Kossuth
Lawrerce Slifka Kossuth
Wendell Steven Kossuth
Jim Wacholz Kossuth
Cindy Wacholz Kossuth
Martin Graber Lee
Dylan Keller Lee
Edward Kircher Lee
Tammi Kircher Lee
Larry Kruse Lee
Jeff Reichman Lee
Chris Riegel Lee
Terry Schrepfer Lee
Linda Wheeler Lee
Emma Aquino-Nemecek Linn
Maureen Boerner Linn
Richard Bice Linn
Althea Cole Linn
Jim Conklin Linn
Jim Dvorsky Linn
Jim Felker Linn
Cindy Golding Linn
Megan Hippensteel Linn
Laura Kamienski Linn
Logan Kroeze Linn
Robert Latham Linn
Wayne Null Linn
Kathy Pearson Linn
Kathy Potts Linn
Dianne Prohaska Linn
Kim Reem Linn
Joni Scotter Linn
Kathy Sewell Linn
Laura Skogman Linn
Gage West Linn
Jason Delzell Louisa
Brad Quigley Louisa
Paul Goldsmith Lucas
Josh Bakker Lyon
Mark Behrens Lyon
John Fluit Lyon
Dayl Husche Lyon
Shayne Mayer Lyon
Steve Simons Lyon
Jennifer Smit Lyon
Jerry Smit Lyon
Austin Behrens Lyon
Tina Bartunek Madison
Kathleen Downes Madison
Race Kelly Madison
Wayne Martens Madison
Jaxson Mrzena Madison
Anita Smuck Madison
Jeff Smuck Madison
Carter Smuck Madison
Heather Stancil Madison
Charlie Strawn Madison
Audrey Strawn Madison
Claire Terhaar Madison
Joe Van Ginkel Madison
Donna Rouw Mahaska
Lawrence Rouw Mahaska
Daryl Bouwkamp Marion
Ed Bull Marion
Fermin Falcon Marion
Jayne Goemaat Marion
Vern Goemaat Marion
Jacob Goemaat Marion
Michael Olson Marion
T. Waldmann-Williams Marion
Otto Brandt Marshall
Shari Coughenour Marshall
Annette Dunn Marshall
BJ Hoffman Marshall
Don McKibben Marshall
Becky McKibben Marshall
Kelly Meyers Marshall
Les Meyers Marshall
Mollee Patten Marshall
Sharon McNutt Mills
Greg Beaver Mitchell
Waylon Brown Mitchell
Mike Schwarck Mitchell
Lowell Tesch Mitchell
Ben Walk Mitchell
Alex Boyle Monona
Tammy Bramley Monona
Alyssa Henneman Monona
Brandon Kruesen Monona
Kris Lyons Monona
Diana Monroe Monona
Stephen Monroe Monona
Ben Paris Monona
Peter Greiner Monroe
Lisa Greiner Monroe
John Scieszinski Monroe
Joe Sinclair Monroe
Allison Sinclair Monroe
Hugh Sinclair Monroe
Leann Nelson Montgomery
Margaret Stoldorf Montgomery
Len Taylor Montgomery
Fred Grunder Muscatine
Rick Sharp Muscatine
Kurt Brown O’Brien
Michael Rolfes Osceola
Tommy Zylstra Osceola
Ernie Aust Page
Jeff Eshelman Page
Larry Shum Page
David Kirk Palo Alto
Doug Becker Plymouth
Peg Becker Plymouth
Becky Deruyter Plymouth
Jacob Holck Plymouth
Chuck Holz Plymouth
Ralph Klemme Plymouth
Zack Lancaster Plymouth
Michael Ryan Pocahontas
Steve Walton Pocahontas
John Altendorf Polk
Peggy Appel Polk
Hope Arganbright Polk
Carol Askren Polk
Carter Ayers Polk
Susan Bacon Polk
Joyce Badger Polk
Eric Baker Polk
Rebecca Beard Polk
Ray Belluchi-Waters Polk
Tucker Belluchi-Waters Polk
Dixie Belluchi-Watters Polk
Samantha Bennett Polk
Keith Bice Polk
David Binner Polk
Steven Bisenius Polk
Ben Blanchard Polk
Maison Bleam Polk
Cody Blumenfeld Polk
Steve Boal Polk
Ali Boettcher Polk
Nick Boeyink Polk
Mary Boote Polk
Lee Booton Polk
Brad Boustead Polk
Gage Bower Polk
Eric Branstad Polk
Dave Bubeck Polk
Denise Bubeck Polk
Courtney Bushell Polk
Bill Bushell Polk
Victoria Bustamante Polk
Jackie Cale Polk
Tyler Campbell Polk
Garrett Carlson Polk
Jillian Carlson Polk
Bykrmark Carver Polk
Andrew Clipfell Polk
Taylor Collins Polk
Shawna Comer Polk
Michael Conlon Polk
Mike Cook Polk
Tim Coonan Polk
Tom Cope Polk
Kollin Crompton Polk
Jonas Cutler Polk
Richard Daswick Polk
Jack Day Polk
Matthew Deike Polk
Katie Despins Polk
Karen Deters Polk
Stephanie Devolder Polk
Cameron Dines Polk
Clayton Dines Polk
Norma Doenecke Polk
Michael Dolch Polk
Josh Dunwoody Polk
Joseph Dygas Polk
Cole Eastep Polk
Kristen Eklov Polk
Ron Eklund Polk
Priscilla Eklund Polk
Wes Enos Polk
Alex Freeman Polk
Mike Ginther Polk
Bonnie Hall Polk
Ralph Haskins Polk
Laura Hatfield Polk
David Heath Polk
Tim Heldt Polk
Deb Heldt Polk
Susan Heun Polk
Jake Highfill Polk
Grant Hill Polk
John Hirl Polk
John Hollinrake Polk
Ryan Hughes Polk
Angie Hughes Polk
Ashley Hunt Polk
Will Jacoby Polk
Beverly Jarshaw Polk
Mark Kelly Polk
Noah Kenoyer Polk
Paula Kingery Polk
Megan Kirik Polk
Pat Knueven Polk
Presley Kraber Polk
David Kraber Polk
Bill Kraber Polk
Cole Kramersmeier Polk
Michelle Kritenbrink Polk
Nick Laning Polk
Shelley Laracuente Polk
Levi Larson Polk
Ellie Lashier Polk
Andrew Lauver Polk
Gary Leffler Polk
Tai Lieu Polk
Katie Lindahl Polk
Kathy Lynn Polk
Tom Mazza Polk
Gloria Mazza Polk
Isaiah McGee Polk
Rick McIntosh Polk
Bev McLinden Polk
Lisa McMullen Polk
Mallory McQueen Polk
Jake Midby Polk
Dana Minteer Polk
Katie Moon Polk
Jeff Moorman Polk
Gaige Mosher Polk
Trey Newman Polk
Bill Northup Polk
Meaghan O’Brien Polk
Matt Olson Polk
David Oman Polk
Susan Oynysty Polk
Craig Patterson Polk
Don Paulin Polk
Nathan Paulson Polk
Dick Pipho Polk
Gabrielle Prill Polk
Daniel Primrose Polk
Ruth Primrose Polk
Caleb Primrose Polk
Ron Randazzo Polk
Marsha Ratashak Polk
Bianca Richards Polk
Jacqueline Riekena Polk
Pete Rogers Polk
Peter Rogers Polk
Richard Rogers Polk
Will Rogers Polk
Connie Schmett Polk
Matt Sexton Polk
Sydney Singh Polk
Bonnie Smalley Polk
Maddie Smith Polk
Whitney Smith-McIntosh Polk
Ella Stafford Polk
Raymond Starks Polk
Claudia Steele Polk
John Stineman Polk
Christine Stineman Polk
Travis Stone Polk
Erin Strawn Polk
Andy Swanson Polk
Riley Swanson Polk
Frank Swartz Polk
Jeremiah Terhark Polk
Pam Thompson Polk
Jeff Tomkowitz Polk
Dick Tremain Polk
Maureen Tremain Polk
Nick Van Patten Polk
Paul Waddell Polk
Leonard Wallace Polk
Randy Weisheit Polk
Cheryl Weisheit Polk
Marc Weller Polk
Kathy Wenig Polk
Mary Whisenand Polk
Sherill Whisenand Polk
Tom Woody Polk
Connor Wrigley Polk
Allen Bledsoe Pottawattamie
Naomi Corrie Pottawattamie
Scott Corrie Pottawattamie
Kyle Dickman Pottawattamie
Charles Fontaines Pottawattamie
Melvyn Houser Pottawattamie
LeAnn Hughes Pottawattamie
Charlie Johnson Pottawattamie
Becky Muhs Pottawattamie
Terry Oswald Pottawattamie
Brittany Rockwell Pottawattamie
Ron Romine Pottawattamie
Lenny Scaletta Pottawattamie
Mike Tatum Pottawattamie
Jan Tatum Pottawattamie
Coreen Trost Pottawattamie
Vicki Bunnell Poweshiek
Tom Cooper Poweshiek
Allen Latcham Poweshiek
Chris Varney Poweshiek
Larry Wilson Poweshiek
Jerry Cooper Ringgold
Pam Cooper Ringgold
Paul Dykstra Ringgold
Debbie Larson Ringgold
Chad Hansen Sac
John Meister Sac
Jim Smith Sac
Kathy Bargmann Scott
Charles Brockmann Scott
Kim Brockmann Scott
Janet Brockmann Scott
John Brockmann Scott
Dennis Conard Scott
Carol Crain Scott
Judy Davidson Scott
Carol Earnhardt Scott
Brock Earnhardt Scott
Kerry Gruenhagen Scott
Jodi Hoogland Scott
Joseph Huss Scott
Dana Huss Scott
Edward Jacques Scott
Patricia Jacques Scott
Nick Johnson Scott
David Keeney Scott
Dave Keppy Scott
Char Keppy Scott
Christina Kirik Scott
Steven Kirik Scott
Michael Limberg Scott
Jane Murphy Scott
John Ortega Scott
Aunnamaria Romero Scott
Mary Shelton Scott
Kay Wagner Scott
Kirk Whalen Scott
Nancy Boettger Shelby
Larry Madson Shelby
Randy Nelson Shelby
Charlie Parkhurst Shelby
Tim Allen Sioux
Rob Driessen Sioux
Tammy Kobza Sioux
Harold Schiebout Sioux
Jerry Klemme Sioux
Judy Klemme Sioux
Bonnie Meier Sioux
Megan Adam Story
Shaelyn Adams Story
George Anderson Story
Katherine Asjes Story
Brett Barker Story
Nathan Behrends Story
Emma Bolles Story
Emily Bonnett Story
Peyton Boyle Story
Tate Boysen Story
Emily Briney Story
Dayton Brugman Story
Bryce Bruns Story
Evan Buck Story
Katie Burns Story
Victoria Butt Story
Ross Cady Story
Laura Carlson Story
Josh Carlson Story
Kelsi Carlson Story
Cadi Chiovaro Story
Anna Colagrossi Story
Holly Cook Story
Spencer Cook Story
Erik Darrington Story
Andrew Dornbeir Story
Cole Eden Story
Daniel Eisenstein Story
Nelson Findling Story
Jiv Fox Story
Sarah Gannon Story
Maddie Gibson Story
James Gilpatric Story
Gracie Greiner Story
Sarah Heiller Story
Chiara Heinz Story
Jake Hlas Story
David Hora Story
Olivia Hora Story
Conner Hultman Story
Ryan Hurley Story
Macie Huston Story
Katie Jenkins Story
Shellie Jurchison Story
Bryce Kafton Story
Trevor Kems Story
Parker Kliegl Story
Adam Koch Story
Noah Kopischke Story
Eleanor Korum Story
Anthony LaBruna Story
Zach Leist Story
Kyle Lois Story
Zachary Louis Story
Emma Mathison Story
Natalie McMillan Story
Gavin Meyer Story
Emma Meyer Story
Jacob Minnock Story
Trentin Moeller Story
Alex Moore Story
Mckenna Natzke Story
Connor Nielson Story
Rachel Ogaard Story
Jeff Otiz Story
Noah Parks Story
Noah Parles Story
David Peterson Story
Sarah Pilut Story
Zach Roll Story
Quinn Schmidt Story
Justin Schmit Story
Emma Schonhorst Story
Taylor Shaske Story
Barry Snell Story
Colin Stark Story
Josie Stegman Story
Joshua Stephens Story
Deborah Stoner Story
Sam Wagner Story
Mary Warren Story
Claire Weatherwax Story
Joe Westlake Story
Tyler Whited Story
Harvard Williams Story
Jack Workman Story
Rachel Zumbach Story
Brandon Zumbach Story
Robert Bitter Tama
Brent Heeren Tama
Bob Mason Tama
Steve Vesely Tama
Lizzy Vesely Tama
Laura Vesely Tama
Sherri Vesley Tama
Michele Werner Tama
Stan Mattes Taylor
Devon Wood Taylor
Gordon Crawford Union
Megan Crawford Union
Floyd Hammer Union
Kathy Hammer Union
Kevin Kruse Union
Joe Owens Union
Kevin Karr Van Buren
Jason Wells Van Buren
Carl Boyd Wapello
Trudy Caviness Wapello
Keith Caviness Wapello
Eric Chelgren Wapello
Leah Chelgren Wapello
Mark Chelgren Wapello
Janet Chelgren Wapello
Jeff Dalrymple Wapello
Inez Hill Wapello
Keith Hill Wapello
Harold Johnson Wapello
Max Chasten Warren
Rita Fromm Warren
Judy Haines Warren
Austin Jacobs Warren
Tammy Schmidt Warren
Mark Snell Warren
Donald Young Warren
Nick Lanning Warren
Beverly Sullivan Warren
Kelsey Bayliss Washington
Austin Bayliss Washington
Donald Bayliss Washington
Steve Berger Washington
Mitchell Hora Washington
Kurt Hora Washington
Heather Hora Washington
Trish Lipski Washington
Merle Miller Washington
Amy Sinclair Wayne
Wendy Ann Webster
Caleb Hedeen Webster
Jim Oberhelman Webster
Kate Stucky Webster
Shirley Wooters Webster
Alan Wooters Webster
Amy Asmus Winnebago
Brenda Aukes Winnebago
Byron Carlson Winnebago
Karin Carlson Winnebago
Marty Doggett Winnebago
Russ Doggett Winnebago
Tom Hadacek Winnebago
David Heimenlings Winnebago
Devin Helming Winnebago
Sarah Helming Winnebago
Wayne Johnson Winnebago
Gloria Johnson Winnebago
Soni Kegler Winnebago
Rick Kufeen Winnebago
Glenda Kuhn Winnebago
Tom Kuhn Winnebago
Julie Kvale Winnebago
Karen Larson Winnebago
Jennifer Lyons Winnebago
Doug Snyder Winnebago
Beth Snyder Winnebago
Henry Stone Winnebago
Pennie Stone Winnebago
Tom Thompson Winnebago
Beelu Thompson Winnebago
Marcia Tweeten Winnebago
Charles Tweeten Winnebago
Dave Dunlavy Winneshiek
Mark Oltrogge Winneshiek
Kevin Alons Woodbury
Thomas Bauer Woodbury
Tammy Bertrand Woodbury
Luann Bertrand Woodbury
Shontelle Blair Woodbury
Bill Blankenship Woodbury
Mike Boekelman Woodbury
Jacob Bossman Woodbury
Moe Clemmon Woodbury
Kolby DeWitt Woodbury
Rocky DeWitt Woodbury
Larry Fillipi Woodbury
Cindy Hamann Woodbury
Wally Hamann Woodbury
Jacob Hamann Woodbury
Brandon Johnson Woodbury
Mitchel Junge Woodbury
Tom Kleen Woodbury
Kevin Lake Woodbury
Chris McGowan Woodbury
Brian Miller Woodbury
Sarah Murray Woodbury
Jack Niggeling Woodbury
Todd Niggeling Woodbury
Liz Niggeling Woodbury
Olivia Niggeling Woodbury
Robert Rice Woodbury
Dorothy Rice Woodbury
Candi Roat Woodbury
Angie Schrunk Woodbury
Jerry Self Woodbury
Sandy Sievers Woodbury
Jack Sponder Woodbury
Mariah Stanek Woodbury
Robert Stewart Woodbury
Suzan Stewart Woodbury
Brandon Uhl Woodbury
Tony Vondrak Woodbury
Allison Weverka Woodbury
John Weverka Woodbury
William Beacon Woodbury
Ty Boekelman Woodbury
Carmen Bossman Woodbury
Jeremy Craighead Woodbury
Dave Drew Woodbury
Alex Freiberg Woodbury
Wade Hamann Woodbury
Larry Harrington Woodbury
Ashley Johnson Woodbury
Kody Loofe Woodbury
Dan Lynde Woodbury
Nancy Munfield Woodbury
Roger Pinkley Woodbury
Racheal Raak Woodbury
Jim Roat Woodbury
Keith Schrunk Woodbury
Benjamin Uhl Woodbury
Mary Uhl Woodbury
Richard Baird Worth
Ben Barringer Worth
Charlotte Cole Worth
Ken Abrams Worth
Joe Rowe Worth
Stewart Iverson Wright
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