ICYMI: Ernst Looks Forward to Six Debates with Greenfield Beginning in August

June 24, 2020

This week, Joni Ernst challenged Chuck Schumer’s handpicked candidate, Theresa Greenfield, to six debates beginning in August.  Democrats went into panic mode and even resorted to sexism.

The Greenfield campaign ultimately agreed saying “Of course Theresa is going to debate Ernst.” Joni looks forward to debating Greenfield in August.

Check out some of the coverage so far:

Ernst challenges Greenfield to six debates before November 3Republican Senator Joni Ernst posted a short video online this (Monday) morning, challenging Democratic opponent Theresa Greenfield to half a dozen debates before the General Election.

“You know, I haven’t heard Theresa Greenfield say one thing that Chuck Schumer hasn’t told her to say and that’s not what Iowans expect in a leader, so I’m challenging Miss Greenfield to six debates, two each month, starting in August,” Ernst said in the video. “Let’s let Iowans hear what we have to say.”

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Ernst challenges Greenfield to six debates in Iowa Senate race

… Ernst proposed splitting up the debates by holding two in August, two in September and two in October.

“Let’s let Iowans hear what we have to say,” Ernst said.

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WATCH: Sen. Joni Ernst proposes six debates against challenger Theresa Greenfield

Reporter: “Senator Joni Ernst took to Twitter Monday, challenging Theresa Greenfield, the Democrat vying for her seat in the U.S. Senate, to six debates ahead of the November election, which has emerged as a competitive race, especially in recent weeks.

“The Schumer swipe is a nod to the millions of dollars a Political Action Committee aligned with the Senate Minority Leader is spending to help get Greenfield elected.”

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LISTEN: Ernst Challenges Greenfield to Six Debates in U.S. Senate Race
Republican Iowa U.S. Senator Joni Ernst has challenged her Democratic opponent Theresa Greenfield, to a series of debates that would begin in August.
Ernst issued a video challenge to Greenfield Monday morning.
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