Greenfield Silence Deafening on New Plan That Could Hurt Iowa Farmers and Biofuel Industry

July 2, 2020

Instead of standing up for Iowa, Greenfield is nowhere to be found

While Theresa Greenfield supporter and Iowa Democrat Cindy Axne announced her support for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s extreme climate agenda, Des Moines real estate executive Theresa Greenfield remains silent over a plan that could decimate Iowa’s farmers and biofuel industry.

Two days ago, Joni Ernst called on Greenfield to denounce the Pelosi plan, which would mandate “all cars be zero-emission by 2035 and heavy-duty trucks be 100 percent zero-emission by 2040,” effectively eliminating demand for ethanol. Greenfield continues to demonstrate how utterly unprepared she is to lead as she refuses to stand up for Iowa farmers and our biofuel industry and denounce this reckless plan.

As Joni said: “While radical coastal liberals put forward plans that could devastate Iowa’s farmers and biofuel industry, Theresa Greenfield is silent. Iowans expect leadership; someone who will stand up for our state in the face of Washington coastal elites. It’s clear that Ms. Greenfield refuses to take positions on critical issues facing Iowa because she is afraid to tell us the truth about where she stands.”

Instead of standing up for Iowa, Greenfield is nowhere to be found. Time and again Greenfield refuses to speak out and reveals how unprepared she is to fight for Iowans.