REVEALED: Greenfield Deleted Business Record from Website

July 27, 2020

Why is Greenfield hiding from her record?

Red Oak, IA –  While Theresa Greenfield continues misleading Iowans, new details reveal that the Des Moines real estate executive is attempting to hide her troubling business record by scrubbing her campaign website.

In December, Greenfield’s bio page on her campaign website included details about her time both at Rottlund Homes and Colby Interests. Both references have since been deleted.

Team Joni is out with a new digital ad highlighting Greenfield’s scramble to scrub her business record:

“Whether it’s personally signing notices to kick Iowa small businesses to the curb, or working as a top executive at a business that used toxic Chinese drywall, Theresa Greenfield knows her failed business record is problematic. Scrubbing details from her campaign’s website won’t hide the fact that she prioritizes her own personal gain ahead of Iowans. Why is Greenfield hiding from her record?” said Team Joni Communications Director Brendan Conley.

See the screenshots for yourself…