Greenfield Makes Failed Business Record Centerpiece of New Ad

July 29, 2020

…the same business record she deleted from her own website…

Red Oak, IA – Des Moines real estate executive Theresa Greenfield is oddly making her failed business record the centerpiece of a new ad, the same failed business record she scrambled to delete from her own website.

Greenfield opens her ad stating: “I’m Theresa Greenfield, and I spent seven years running a small business.”

Yet, Greenfield’s record is not something even she has been proud to tout (she scrubbed references to it from her own campaign website). And it’s no wonder…

Her failed business record included her time as president of the Des Moines real estate firm Colby Interests, where she kicked several Iowa small businesses to the curb. She also worked as a top executive at Rottlund Homes, a company that used toxic Chinese drywall and that was sued by homeowners and homeowners associations for shoddy workmanship, negligence, breach of contract, and unjust enrichment.

“Des Moines real estate executive Theresa Greenfield continues to mislead Iowans about the special interest money she takes and about her failed business record,” said Team Joni spokesperson Melissa Deatsch. “Iowa small businesses can’t trust Theresa Greenfield who has a record of prioritizing her own personal gain ahead of Iowans.”