What They Are Saying: Theresa Greenfield is Ignoring Rural Iowa

September 14, 2020

After 15 months in the race, Theresa Greenfield (D-Country Club Knolls) still hasn’t been to nearly half of Iowa, making it clear she isn’t prioritizing rural Iowans. Last week, Joni Ernst (R-Red Oak) received the endorsement of the largest grassroots farm organization in Iowa, the Iowa Farm Bureau. This was a major blow to Greenfield, who has repeatedly tried to mislead Iowans and hide from her liberal record. 

Here’s what folks are saying on Greenfield’s strategy to ignore rural Iowa. 

Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann on WHO Radio’s The Simon Conway Show

Conway: “The old scrappy farm kid thing, which made me laugh from the beginning because she’s actually trying to be Joni Ernst, has fallen rather flat on its face hasn’t it, Jeff?”

Kaufmann: “It certainly has. […] There’s a scrappy farm kid in this race, and it’s Joni Ernst. And now the Farm Bureau has reinforced that. […] You cannot run for United States Senator in this state – a state that’s famous for the 99 County Tour – and not visit half the counties. [..] those counties she’s not visiting are rural counties. […] If you think you’re going to be able to dodge tough questions from reporters, dodge forums, and dodge the people of Iowa, it ain’t going to work.”
Conway: “This is fascinating in so many ways because this is Iowa and to see a candidate for a statewide office […] essentially hiding is just a remarkable thing. And I’m stunned by this approach.”

NW Iowa Farmer Kelly Nieuwenhuis of the Iowa Corn Growers Assocation on KSCJ’s Open Line with Charlie Stone

Nieuwenhuis: “The Iowa Farm Bureau awarded Senator Ernst with the Friend of Agriculture award because of her strong support for Iowa ag and the biofuels industry. […] I’ve known Senator Ernst for several years and she’s been a great champion for all Iowans, but especially […] she’s brought a strong message to Washington DC about Iowa agriculture and the strong support for the biofuels industry.
When President Trump was in Cedar Rapids a couple of weeks ago, I was so impressed with Senator Ernst that he was here to look at the devastation from the Derecho, but she brought up the fact that the EPA was looking into granting more small refinery exceptions,[…] and President Trump responded that he would personally make that call and get that figured out. […] There she stepped up again to support the biofuels industry and do a tremendous job.
I’m sure a strong supporter of Senator Ernst. I’ve seen all the positive she has done and she’s a fighter. She never gives up and stops fighting for Iowans and Iowa agriculture and the Iowa biofuels industry.”

Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann on KXEL’s Live and Local with Jeff Stein

Kaufmann: [Joni] already got the endorsement from the National Federation of Independent Business which is our leading voice in the country for small business. And then just yesterday she got the “Friend of Agriculture” from the Farm Bureau. Theresa Greenfield when she does emerge from her basement to actually see a stalk of corn, she still has not been to half of the counties in Iowa and by the way, those are our rural counties.
I don’t think Greenfield is going to get by blowing off Iowans and blowing off the rural areas of our state. I don’t think Chuck Schumer can pump in enough money to actually overcome […] the demand of Iowans that they actually get to know their candidates.”

Joni Ernst is a mother, soldier and a leader who has never stopped fighting for Iowa.

Her liberal opponent is former Colby Interests real-estate executive Ms. Theresa Greenfield.  Ms. Greenfield, who lives in one of Iowa’s wealthiest zip codes, prioritized profits over people when she personally signed paperwork to remove mom and pop businesses for a corporate chain. Ms. Greenfield’s previous attempt at running for Congress ended in failure, with her campaign manager ultimately pleading guilty to election fraud.