Joni Clear Winner in Debate, Continues Building Momentum in Closing Weeks

October 15, 2020

Greenfield once again exposed for divisive, partisan liberal attacks

DES MOINES, Iowa – Once again, combat veteran Joni Ernst (R-Red Oak) was the clear winner of tonight’s U.S. Senate debate. She demonstrated her strong bipartisan record of getting things done for Iowa in contrast to her divisive, liberal opponent, former Colby Interests executive Theresa Greenfield (D-Country Club Knolls).

“Tonight, Theresa Greenfield demonstrated what $100 million in liberal spending gets you: a divisive, radical candidate of the coastal elites who would be perfect for California but is out of touch with Iowa. 

“As a mother, soldier, and someone who has dedicated her life to service for Iowa and our nation, Joni Ernst showed once again that she is the proven, bipartisan leader who will always fight for Iowa farmers, veterans and working families,” said Joni Ernst spokesperson Brendan Conley.

Joni Ernst is a mother, soldier and a leader who has never stopped fighting for Iowa.

Her liberal opponent is former Colby Interests real-estate executive Ms. Theresa Greenfield.  Ms. Greenfield, who lives in one of Iowa’s wealthiest zip codes, prioritized profits over people when she personally signed paperwork to remove mom and pop businesses for a corporate chain. Ms. Greenfield’s previous attempt at running for Congress ended in failure, with her campaign manager ultimately pleading guilty to election fraud.