ICYMI: Joni Ernst: Democrat Theresa Greenfield’s Support for Public Option Could Bankrupt 52 Iowa Hospitals

October 17, 2020

Breitbart | Sean Moran | October 16, 2020

Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) said during a debate on Thursday night that Iowa Senate Democrat candidate Theresa Greenfield’s support for a public option could bankrupt 52 Iowa hospitals.

“The public option that my opponent supports is just really a truck stop on the road to a single-payer system or government-takeover of health care,” Ernst said.

“The public option, as done by a third-party independent study, could bankrupt up to 52 of our rural healthcare systems,” Ernst said. “You know, I depend on one of those rural hospital systems; certainly, all of my family depends on those rural healthcare systems”:[…]
Ernst also cited a study commissioned by the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future and conducted by Navigant Consulting, which found that “adding a government-run insurance plan could decimate rural hospitals.”

The Cedar Rapids Gazette wrote in September 2019, citing the Navigant Consulting study, that up to 52 rural Iowa hospitals could close under a public option plan, and “rural hospitals could experience a loss of more than $476 million under a public health insurance proposal.” […]

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Joni Ernst is a mother, soldier and a leader who has never stopped fighting for Iowa.

Her liberal opponent is former Colby Interests real-estate executive Ms. Theresa Greenfield.  Ms. Greenfield, who lives in one of Iowa’s wealthiest zip codes, prioritized profits over people when she personally signed paperwork to remove mom and pop businesses for a corporate chain. Ms. Greenfield’s previous attempt at running for Congress ended in failure, with her campaign manager ultimately pleading guilty to election fraud.