Report Election Disinformation

As the election reaches its final weeks, voters must be on the lookout for disinformation being spread about candidates, especially shared on social media.

We’ve already seen liberals on Twitter sharing a doctored email, and we all need to be vigilant to prevent falsified documents and fake information from altering our political discourse.

During her last congressional race, the Des Moines Register reported that Theresa Greenfield’s campaign manager was arrested, charged with one count of election misconduct in the first degree, a class D felony, and 13 counts of tampering with records.

Given the history of Greenfield’s campaigns, it’s important for Iowans to be vigilant regarding any possibly illegal activity – including intimidation, spreading deliberate misinformation or forged documents – by either her or friends of Theresa Greenfield.

If you see false information being shared on social media, please report it by calling this hotline: 515-657-7645 or submitting it through the form below.

Submit Election Disinformation